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Programming Services

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 Terms and conditions:

• There will be a minimum service charge of $99. Additional access charges may apply. We will advise prior to performing additional service.

• If the vehicle is not available upon arrival a service charge will apply.

• We are not responsible for misdiagnosis, failure to communicate, defective module or anything else beyond our control.

• Make sure you have all keys for the car. Keys not available may not work after programming. Fords, Mazda and Jag require 2 keys minimum. If you don’t have 2 keys please advise us immediately.

• If you are replacing a ECU please retain the removed one. DO NOT RETURN CORE UNTIL PROGRAMMING IS COMPLETED.

• We do not install or plug modules into vehicle. Your technicians must do this when we request.

• Please have vehicle near an extension cord or electricity prior to our arrival.

• If you are installing a used module. Please advise us prior to our arrival.

• If a return visit is required due to your misdiagnosis, defective part or anything else beyond our control. An additional service fee will be charged on return visit.