A/C information

In 2008 the EPA made changes to A/C recovery, recharging standards for machines used in automotive repair. aka J-2788.

·         Recovery time must be less than 30 minutes.

·         Filter maintenance required or machine locks until changed.

·         Charge accuracy.

      ·      Oil cross contamination.

Maintain your machine for reliable use:

Tire inflation. Make sure tires are properly inflated and within ½ psi of each other for scale accuracy.

Adapter seals, recommend change at least annually or any time they leak.

Hoses. Inspect hoses and replace at any sign of cracking.

Calibrate scale at least annually.

If you are using a machine built prior to J-2788. 

You can continue to use this machine if it is properly maintained for recovery, recycle and recharge of larger systems. 3 lbs of refrigerant and larger. Use a digital scale for smaller system charging.


Not all new machines are created equal.

What to look for:

Tires, all machines have tires and air filled require maintenance for accuracy.

Serviceability, all machines require maintenance and you will either need to call for service or get parts and install them.

 Training, All purchases from ToolHutUSA include setup and training. On-site in supported areas. 


Vehicle database: Time saver for techs

Refrigerant identifier:  Make sure the vehicle has pure refrigerant. Also check supplier tanks.

Sealant detector: Sealant can destroy your machine and all parts stores sell refrigerant with sealant.

Printer: show customers results of procedure.

Leak detection equipment.


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